Surfing Librarians!


At the begining of this fall semester we will start a project  called “ The Surf Tablet Project”. We will be using tablets, such as iPads, as a tool. This is a joint project together with Chalmers Library and Gothenburg City Library and it is financed by the National Library of Sweden. At LLR – we had a short pilot project in May so maybe you have met us already?

The aim of the project is to study how tablets can help in library reference work. In practice this means that some of us librarians will be available for you at your point of need, which is to say that we are somewhere in the library, maybe among the book shelves, your place of study or maybe in our Lounge. This means that you do not necessarily have to come to the Information Point at the entrance floor get help.

We will be surfing the library a couple of hours a day ready to help you. The only thing we ask of you, is that you, afterwards when you (hopefully) have been helped by us, will fill out the short questionnaire about what you thought of the situation and the service. Even if you contact us several times we ask you kindly to fill out the questionnaire each time. The questionnaire is of course anonymous.

The project will be going on throughout the fall semester and a part of the spring semester. You will recognize us by our pink T-shirts, and you are welcome to ask us anything to do with your studies. We will try to help you the best we can.

You are of course still welcome to the Information Point at the entrance floor.