3 practical things to think about when working in the library

Many many students visit the Library premises every day to find information, work on essays and study together with classmates. We are very happy that so many find the Library useful and we welcome all students!

Although we would like these things to happen naturally, we are urged to remind our students of a few things from time to time.

If everyone respects each other and the following – the Library will be an even more creative and welcoming place. We hope that you will enjoy many hours of creativity and inspiration here with us!

1. Noise levels

To keep the noise levels down we ask you to please: 

  • Pay respect to your fellow students, try to keep your voice down
  • For group studies – if possible, book a study room
  • Keep your cell phone signal off and try to avoid talking in the phone in the Library (this includes Skype:ing)
  • Take breaks, go out for a cup of coffee once in a while to regain focus

Studies show that the sound of other people’s voices around you is one of the most disturbing noises when you need to focus.

There is a silent reading room on the entrance floor if you want peace and quiet. You can also borrow headphones and get earplugs at the Library information desk to shut out unwanted noise around you.

Check the map of the library premises to see where computer halls, group study rooms etcetera is located.

2. No food

This is a place for work and studies and therefore you are not allowed to bring any food into the library. If you feel the need to eat while studying in the library you are allowed to bring the following as a snack:
– Coffee and other drinks if you have a lid on the cup
– Fruit

Cooked meals, sandwiches, cupcakes and everything else that smells, crumbles or leaves our tables sticky and our carpets stained is not allowed!

We refer all eating to the cafeterias and tables in the corridors, or to the areas where students can heat up their own packed lunchboxes. Thank you for respecting this.

3. Don’t make a mess

Tidy up after yourself, throw your waste in the bin and make sure you don’t leave anything behind on the tables. We are also very grateful if you do not move around our furniture.

In short – leave everything in the same state as you would like to find it! 🙂