And the winners are…

During week 16 BLR conducted a Customer Survey. We received nearly 900 responses and we thank all of you who responded for your time! We raffled movie tickets among those who responded and the winners are:

■ Mira Niemi, among those who responded to the Student Survey 2012
■ Nina Korvela, among those who responded to the Staff Survey 2012

We say congratulations to you  and wish you a nice time at the cinema 🙂

Win movie tickets!

Now is your chance to have a say on Library & learning resources. What do you think of us? What do you think of the help and guidance you receive? How do you like the copying machines? Group Rooms? Career management? What about the personal service? What are we good at? What can we do better? Take the chance to speak up and help us improve! We are, after all, here for your sake.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Among those who respond – we are raffling out movie tickets!

Thank you for your time!

Text: Christel Olsson